Amos Newman
Ken is a fantastic lawyer. He represented me and my business partner in a very complicated intellectually property case. He is thorough, thoughtful and has a passion for what he does.
Bill Colitre
I have valued Ken Freundlich’s professional services since 2006. His proactive approach and creative insights, coupled with his deep knowledge of music law have provided consistently high return on investment, providing needed reassurance when matters get complicated.
General Counsel
Darryl Ballantyne & Mohamed Moutadayne
We have been working with Freundlich Law for over a decade and couldn’t be happier. Ken and Mike have been wonderful to work with, both on professional and personal levels. Freundlich Law has been our representation for litigation, arbitration, and countless other matters. They’ve been extremely effective in dealing with both opposing and co-counsel, managing multiple clients and stakeholders, and bringing matters to a successful close. In every instance, their tireless work and impressive strategic analysis has led to an excellent result - we can’t recommend them enough! Our only criticism, though, is that they have misguided taste in sports teams.
David Ring
Ken and Mike deftly handled an incredibly complex copyright infringement action for Pandora recently. The level of detail and technical expertise they brought to bear on this matter was rare to see in my 30 years of experience, especially in a small firm setting. If you are looking for Big Law results with partner-level attention to your matter, I highly recommend Freundlich Law.
Chief Music Counsel
Fred Wolinsky
I have known Ken Freundlich for close to 10 years. He conducts his personal and professional transactions with the highest ethical standards and unimpeachable integrity. I know this first hand because we have worked successfully together on several very challenging cases. Ken is a relentless fighter for his clients and communicates the good and bad news with them. He is very well prepared in all aspects of his cases and makes sure his experts (of which I was one) are also very well prepared for their testimony. I know you can’t win them all, but he has achieved extraordinary results in each case we have worked on together. He is also an expert on copyright law and I will continue to send Ken anyone looking for great attorneys who achieve great results.
Royalty Auditor, former owner
Greg Errico
A word on Kenneth Freundlich… I met Ken in 2014 through a friend regarding a publishing/songwriting claim we had. During this claim, and in doing business follow up with Ken I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, integral and effective. I have since used Ken and his law firm in several major claims/lawsuits and without a doubt I am very pleased as are other clients I introduced to him. I highly recommend FREUNDLICH LAW.
Former Member
Harold R.Brown
When my colleagues with whom I recorded the mega-hits Cisco Kid, Why Can’t We Be Friends, World Is A Ghetto and Low Rider, and I were not being paid properly for many decades despite the enduring popularity of our hit songs and recordings, we turned to Ken Freundlich and Freundlich Law for help. Ken tirelessly litigated and finally got us our royalties. I am forever grateful to Ken for his determination, tenacity, attention to detail and his extraordinary litigation skills.
Drums & Percussion
Jennifer Gillespie
Ken Freundlich of Freundlich Law is an excellent entertainment attorney. As the owners of copyrights and a music publishing company, Ken has been our attorney for litigation and other related matters for several years now. Ken is very knowledgeable and takes care of our legal needs with ease and competence. We have a very effective ongoing working relationship that is essential to the successful operation of our business. It is great knowing you have an attorney whom you can trust and depend on for good legal advice and excellent work. Ken is smart, dedicated and easy to work with. I highly recommend Freundlich Law for anyone in need of a good entertainment lawyer.
Jose Muniz
I have been a client of Ken’s for the last 8 years and the level of tailored service he has provided me is second to none. He is a dedicated, highly dependable attorney with exceptional experience dealing with the most complex cases in the music industry. I wouldn’t want anyone but Kenneth D. Freundlich looking after my company.
Mario De Riso
Working with Ken Freundlich and his team has always been a pleasure. He always gives honest directions on issues and has great knowledge of several aspects of the entertainment field. His skill in negotiation and persistence is truly second to none.
Head of Label Mgmt / Legal Affairs
Michael Closter
Ken is an honest and thoughtful attorney. I’ve known Ken for over 20 years, and he has helped me on legal matters from time to time. In addition to being very knowledgeable and experienced, he has a strong moral compass and truly cares about you, your situation and your legal case.
President / CEO
Norton Herrick
As an entrepreneur, investor and the creative force behind many entertainment and business ventures, I have worked with many attorneys over the years. Ken is one of the best. A talented lawyer who has a unique understanding of the business realities of litigation who brings to the table business and entertainment industry know how to supplement his aggressive and passionate litigating style.
Ken thinks outside the box and does not leave any stone unturned. I trust and recommend his firm wholeheartedly.
Chairman, The Herrick Company
Patrick Ewald
Ken Freundlich is a tough, intelligent litigator who takes the time to listen to his clients and get them the best results. I could not recommend him highly enough if you are looking for a fearless first-in-class lawyer.
Sarah Jackson
I have been a manager for acclaimed talent in the film and television business for over 20 years. During that time, I have known and worked with many attorneys. Hands down, Ken Freundlich and Mike Kaiser of Freundlich Law are the best. They are passionate, strategic litigators who can synthesize complex fact patterns and legal issues and can articulate well-reasoned arguments on behalf of their clients in a persuasive manner. In addition to the firm’s litigation chops, Freundlich Law is well-versed in the ins and outs of the entertainment business, and so I regularly call on Freundlich Law for advice that is consistently cogent and attuned to the needs of my business. In short, I enthusiastically recommend Freundlich Law.
Founder & CEO
Sean Altman
For three decades Ken has been a pillar of career support and friendship, providing a wealth of sage advice, business savvy and legal expertise. You want this guy on your team.
Musician & Actor